Meet Our Founder

Meet our founder, Natalie. Empwr is her "why".

"Let me illustrate my personal journey with CBD and why it holds a special place in my heart. I'll set the scene...

In 2018, I developed Restless Leg Syndrome, a neurological disorder that materialises in electric shocks pulsing through my legs when I rest. It caused many sleepless nights.  

"My work, relationships, health and happiness were suffering"

The known treatments were all sedative-heavy and unnatural prescriptions. I have been a long time avoider of chemically compounded prescription medication, and will always opt-in for a natural alternative. I was anxious, exhausted and irritable. My work, relationships, health and happiness were suffering.  Luckily, I discovered CBD and gifted myself my first CBD vape pen.

"My life was forever changed."

It was glorious. The broad spectrum CBD took immediate hold and melted me into a deep sleep for the first time in months. My life was forever changed. The best and most surprising part of this journey is how CBD positively impacted every pillar of my life. It solved so many problems that millions of people suffer with daily.

"I feel more balanced, focused and level headed"

Incorporating CBD regularly into my daily routine has solved so many problems for me. My anxiety levels are down, I sleep longer and deeper, my skin is clear and glowing. I feel more balanced, focused and level headed. Knowing that we have all been impacted by these same problems, how could I possibly keep this magic to my self?