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A powerfully intelligent blend of functional nootropics and adaptogens formulated to supercharge your mind and enhance cognitive function.

Boost energy with no crash (caffeine alternative)

Boost focus and clarity

Defeat brain fog and procrastination

Increase motivation and productivity

Regulate stress hormones

Adapt to daily stress

Regulate sleep cycle

Avoid fatigue and burn-out

If you are looking for a clean, natural energy boost, combined with enhanced clarity and focus - you need this supplement in your life.

These supplements contain only 4 intelligent ingredients:

Lions Mane Mushroom - Clarity, Focus, Mood, Alertness
Maca Root - Energy, Mood, Hormone Balance, Libido
Rhodiola Rosea - Calming, Energising, Fatigue / Burnout
Vitamin D - Mood, Immunity Function, Nutrient Absorption

Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle seeking to sustainably amplify mental performance, spark creativity, increase productivity and avoid burn out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Significant lift

An exceptional product. I’ve personally experienced a gentle yet significant lift in energy and mood. They give you that mental and physical ‘drive’ that enables increased productivity and I feel I am able to be a lot more focused. More than I’ve been in a very long while.

Toby Mbu
Highly recommended!

I want to say that the supplements aren't a magic pill, but they changed a couple of core things in my day-to-day that affected so many other aspects of my life. First, I struggle with sleep; thus, I suffer from low energy and hard crashes after lunch. To compound that, I often drink lots of coffee, making everything worse. I started taking Change Nootropics in January, and immediately I felt more awake and generally more alive. Coffee then made me too jittery, so I stopped and didn't have those harsh crashes after lunch. Since I had and used more energy throughout the day, my sleep started getting better. Ultimately, this impacted so many areas of my life, including productivity, feeling fresh, increased focus, higher energy, balanced mood, clear thinking, alertness, and many others.

Highly highly recommend!


This really worked for me. Struggled with energy a lot especially in a country as dull as UK so just helped with bringing me up and making more productive!

Bernard Rebeiro

Since I've been supplementing my dietary intake with "Charge", I have enjoyed improved cognitive skills, a higher level of confidence, enhanced positivity and moments of psychological and physical "Bliss".
Along with eating "Normal Human" food, I recommend this fabulous product 👌🏻😀

Does exactly what it says on the tin (jar)

Introduce this into my daily routine, and I'm currently mixing it up between taking the capsules the traditional way or pouring the contents into my morning coffee (as per the founder's personal recommendation). I must say pouring it directly into my coffee does leave me feeling like it supercharges it and gives me the boost I need in the morning.

Great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially now as I write this and we are heading into that autumn-winter season. It will kick-start your day with the much-needed booster!